Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mid Week Post

Well it is raining out, hard, so my 5 mile run is canked, unless I run on the dreadmill :( but just looking over some stats, comparing last year (a blah training year) with this year, and wow, the difference a year makes. I mean, wow, even with crappy weather, my milage is way up, my times in races are coming down, and I feel better! I guess this training for tris is a whole lot better than just paying my money and suffering with no taining. Look at the two years below:
2011 totals
Bike: 12h 18m 54s - 220.25 Mi
Run: 26h 26m 01s - 198.25 Mi
Swim: 7h 30m 10s - 14800 Yd
Strength: 20m
Walking: 3h 11m 29s

2010 totals
Bike: 55h 00m 24s - 919.07 Mi
Run: 45h 23m 53s - 306.68 Mi
Swim: 6h 38m 43s - 12431.42 Yd
Strength: 7h 30m
Basketball: 1h 00m
Elliptical Training: 50m 30s
Spinning Class: 15m
Ultimate Football: 10h 37m
Walking: 4h 57m 58s

So as you can see, I either am paying more attention to my training, or I am doing more training. But I think it is I am actually getting out and training.

Well this is what the remainder of my workout week looks like:
Wed - 5 Mile run
Thur - 5 mile run; 1900 yard swim
Fri - 12 mile bike; 1500 yard swim
Sat - 5k race; 24 mile bike
Sun - 12 mile run; 12 mile bike

Well, I guess back to work, and hey, drop me a note on here with suggestions on how I can make this blog more fun to read!


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