Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sanford President's Day 5K Race Report

Well, I have slacked a little bit, but I have been busy this last week, and I'm really lazy when it comes to writing! But here is the race report (minus photos, the wife stayed home and official photos won't be available until March 7th), so okey-dokey artichoky...

Well got up somewhat early on Saturday and the wife informs me that she has a bad migrane, so I was going to go it alone. So grabbed my gear, a couple of bananas and a Diet A&W and jumped in the car a drove the 45 minutes to Sanford. It took me a little time to find the race, but GPS hasn't failed me yet! I got to the church where they were holding the race and got my race packet, chip, and goodie bag and headed back to the car.

My back was a bit sore, so I turned on the car and the heated seats (Best. Thing. Ever.) and listened to some music while I attached my chip and race number (whoo hoo, got #7, Lucky!) and after about 30 minutes got out and stretched and took a light jog and got ready for the race. Took a GU, first time for that, about 15 minutes before the start. I think that it helped.

I headed (read: followed everyone) towards the start line, which was 1/4 mile down the street. The run route was a very odd one, as it was described to me as a ugly bow tie. You see, you start a 1/4 mile away and run toward the church, around the back, back towards the start line, go to the turn around, come back and pass the start line again, around the church and finish. Just a little odd, but not bad. I did take offense to the term "slight rises", which were slight, but just about 3/4 of a mile long, times two! But you do get to run down them, so that is good.

Ok, back to the start, I had to ask which way we were running, since I was facing the wrong way, oops. But I looked around and made three goals: don't get beat by a guy in headphones, anyone pushing a stroller, and try not to be passed by too many females! Well, despite one hellishly fast lady (who showed up in a New Balance Truck no less, and took 4th overall) I accomplished my goals.

The first mile was somewhat flat and fast, cruising thru at about 6:33, and I could still see the leaders too! But I was dueling with one guy for a bit when I finally dropped him at the two mile mark (I think I was around 13:50ish) and I continued to close on the pack in front of me, but it was hard and I was pushing it pretty good. I passed the start line for the final time and started a burst to make sure I wasn't going to get caught from behind, and rounded the church and put in a little kick to finish at 21:14, good for 16th overall. I was surprised with the time, because I hadn't felt particularly fast, but I will take it. Ended up cheering other runners in while I stretched and drank some water, which was fun. Then watched the kids fun run, some of those kids were hopped up on sugar, because they were moving kinda fast!

But all in all, it was a fun race, nice small race atmosphere, and even took 2nd in my AG! Nice! I think that I might do this race again next year. I will post pictures when I can get my hands on them!

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