Friday, May 6, 2011

Finally Friday!

(Caption: Just remember; T1 is NOT your bedroom, plan to change accordingly)

Well it is finally Friday here, and I have another race this weekend (note to self: no more back-to-back weekend races, I'm tired and old!) so I am just finally feeling good today, must have been the hellatious swim last night (700 yd pull, 1000 kick with fins and 400 pull without paddles). But I feel motivated and ready for this Sunday's White Lake Sprint! Going to be my first wetsuit swim, so that will be a first for me! Just have to remember to not wear a thong under my wetsuit!

Well, yesterday I finished my 20th jump from a plane, with a parachute, and walked away! Not to sure about my mother, who watched her first (and probably last) airborne operations, but to say she was nervious would be an understatement. But another soft landing and another one in the books, now just have to study for Jumpmaster School!

Well I am also over due as to my monthly milage, so I guess I will post it now too:

Swim: 7628 yards - 3h10m
Bike: 279.47 miles - 16h56m
Run: 46.88 miles - 6h10m

Swim: 27128 yards - 12h55m
Bike: 524.83 miles - 30h37m
Run: 272.31 miles - 36h07m

So as you can see, I slacked on the run this month, just concentrated on the bike a bit more, but this month I should be back to balanced a bit more (at least time wise).

Well, I guess I'd better get to work, have a great Friday all!

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