Friday, May 20, 2011

It's that magic time again...FRIDAY!

Well, I have still been hampered by this annoying hip problem for two weeks. It feels like it is getting better, but still not sold that it is. It feels like it needs to crack, like a knuckle, but won't. Of course I have been running thru it (with reduced miles though), but biking isn't affected, so we shall see.

Also, I think I figured out how to run a bit faster, lose some more weight. And no, not my arms, so I am going to concentrate EXTRA hard on getting rid of at least 5 pounds, if not 10-15. I am sure that with the reduced weight, my 21 min 5Ks will be closer to 19:00 or so, so that is a worthwhile goal.

On the swimming front, I am taking this week off, and then starting over (kind of) and using no more "Training aids" to build my endurance back up. The swim is my severely weak point, because over the 750 meter swim two weeks ago, I lost 4 mins on my goal and 7 ish to the leaders, so this is going to be my concentration. Wish me luck. I can't wait for the 50m pool to open here, that will be a good pool to swim.

Well my schedule is looking better (more or less), I have about 30 days til the next race (3 Little Pigs Sprint) then 8 more days to the Kure Beach Double and another week to the Gull Lake, MI Sprint. Yup, I'm doing a triathlon on vacation, and on my wife's birthday to boot! But the back story on this is that the Gull Lake Triathlon was my first ever triathlon (it was an Olympic back then) and that was is 1993! Wow! I guess a year later they stopped holding it, and this is the first year back, so very sentimental for me. Plus it saves me having to go up to Grand Haven to race (even though I would love to!). But my wife is super supportive of my little addiction, so I guess if this is my "mid-life crisis", then it is a good one compared to other folks I know.

But I am going to keep on a steady diet of sprints until White Lake International in Sep (and maybe Pinehurst too) and end the racing year with a bang with the American Triple T at White Lake. 4 races in 3 days; Friday is a Super Sprint, Saturday TWO Olys and on Sunday, a Half Iron to finish you off. I can't wait! I think this will be less of a race than more of a "survival mode" for me.

But guess this is it for this update, more to follow...


Ken said...

I am sure you will get the swimming down. From what I hear the training aids will be perfect for you. I bet you will podium again at the 3 Little Pigs.

Anonymous said...

Very cool to hear you're coming back to the Gull Lake Triathlon! I hear it's going to be a great race. -RD, Gull Lake Triathlon