Saturday, February 19, 2011

To quote Ice Cube...

It was a good day. Ran up north in Sanford, NC today (race report in a day or so) and went to a hockey game at night. The bonus was that the FireAntz (yes, spelled with a "Z") won, and got to hang out with a great friend and his family. Greggy and I, when we get together, crack each other up! I actually watched some of the game when he got up for food for his kids, we were that busy doing our own "play-by-play" and might have missed a goal because I was laughing so hard.

But ran well today and set another MDPR (modern day personal record), so yeah I was channeling my inner Ice Cube. But all I have to say for the kid who won the race (it was his third time in a row), youth is wasted on the young! Just kidding, congrats. But I do believe that quote, yeah I'm hatin'! Ah, well another fun day for tomorrow, pick up the new bed (king sized, baby!) and hoping to slide in a 25+ mile ride along with a 6 mile run when the weather here in NC is expected to be in the 70s, and as a bonus, Monday is off too! Life is sweeeet!

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