Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pro Tip: Don't take a month off!

AAAAANNNNNNDDDDD, this is how I feel! Wow, I rode with a buddy who just started riding a few weeks ago, and he smoked the crap out of me. Not discounting his ability, but I consider myself a climber, but wow, I got dropped like a hot potato on a few climbs. Yikes, nothing like "starting over". But at least I got 27 good miles in. And now it looks like I might be moving too, more on that later.

So I almost have to start over, drop some weight, and get race ready with a race on the horizon, I could be in a world of hurt. But at least my hip is a done deal, no pain in quite a while, so that chapter is closed (and hopefully staying that way).

So as far as moving, might be moving after this season (military stuff), but at least it will be another triathlon hotbed, the Manhatten, Kansas area. But that isn't a done deal, so we shall see.

So for now, I gotta get my swim on, some more miles in, and get ready for the up coming races. So how was YOUR day? LOL

See y'all later!

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