Monday, December 29, 2014

Texas State Road Race and Army Ten Miler Race Reports

Well, since I guess I forgot to do these two reports, guess I'll double down and knock them both out.  There probably won't be much detail and no pictures, but to make this complete, I figure I'll knock these out nonetheless.

27 Sep 14 - Texas State Road Race Championships - Military Division (cycling) (9th in Div)

Well I race my bike, oh once in a blue moon, but since this was a "home" race, I figured I should race it and test the endurance (yeah, that's what I thought).

Luckily it wasn't too sunny for the race, and have to give a big thanks to Big Jimmie for the quick tune up on my road bike, it helped a ton.  Well the race was one lap, 33.5 miles, on the Fort Hood loop, which I've ridden a bunch of times, so the hills weren't a shock, but the pace out was fast.  Like a dummy, I forgot to start my watch, so the first 6 miles weren't recorded (note to self: start it before the race and let "auto-pause" do the rest).  I stayed with the main pack, which consisted on CATs 1-5 and two race groups, the Military Open, and the Open, so it was hard to see who was who.  The main group was about 10 folks, which "broke away" at mile 5 and I hung with them until about mile 16-ish, and needed a breather and got dropped.  I still had about 40-50 behind me, so I wanted to concentrate on not getting passed anymore and try for a top-10 overall (I failed, but ended up top 10 military), but I ended up getting passed by 3 more folks before the end of the race.  Even though it wasn't too long of a race, 33 miles just smoked me completely.  I was so tired, I didn't race the next day.  I think I just wasn't ready for racing yet.  Lessons learned: More base miles on the bike, make sure I eat on the bike, no matter the length of the ride.  In the end, that means more bike mileage for 2015!

12 Oct 14 - The Army Ten-Miler (ATM) ( 1:11:35 / 138 in AG / 1390 Overall / 27K entered)

This race I was more focused on, as I was apart of Team Hood-Masters and I didn't want to let them down.  I started training a bit late with the team, but caught up with most of the training by the race time.  The race itself was my second time in DC and 4th 10 miler overall, so I knew the distance and the course, despite changing a bit, I felt ready to break the 70 minute barrier (my PR to date was 1:17:14).  Both me and Levine (a teammate) paced together keeping our pace right at the 7 minute per mile pace (actually under 7:00 to "bank time") and we were on schedule but at the 8 mile mark, Levine started to drift a bit and I kept calling for him to move up and he gave the "Go ahead" call, so I put my head down and drove on for the last 2 miles.  The final mile was confusing, as I didn't run the end to see where to "go" at, and before you knew it, you were in the finishing chute.  I was a bit mad that I was at 71 minutes, and also that I missed in the top 1000 overall, but that will give me more motivation for next year.  But overall, I set a PR and helped the Men's Master's team to 4th place in our division, so it wasn't that bad.

So there you have it, my 2014 racing season in the bag.  Tomorrow, I'll recap my races and hopefully preview my 2015 season (spoilers: I'll race more!!)

Thanks for reading, and here's a picture, for the heck of it!


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