Friday, April 15, 2011


Ok, now how many people started to hear *that* horrible song in their heads? (Don't know what I am talking about, go here) But after that song haunts you on many levels, this week was an interesting one as far as training. Did a few 6 mile runs (one in the dark, not too fun there), tried to get to the pool on Thursday, but the pool had the yellow "crime scene" tape around the front door, which I think was a warning to me, so Thursday was a wash on the training side, but I did get to do some heart rate training, I jumped yesterday. For those not familiar with Army Airborne Operations, we conduct static line aircraft exits, NOT military free-fall (those are the SF guys that get to do that). Basically, we get into an aircraft, hook our static line (which is hooked to our chutes) to the aircraft, and walk out the open door when we are told too. It is more fun than it sounds, because you get to control your chute to the ground. But ok, I got to jump yesterday and again, proved that gravity does work. Yeaaa me! This weekend will be a fun high-mileage fest (if the rain holds off), culminating with a long ride with a new internet buddy, Keith (who wants to ride 90 miles) but I only planned for 26 miles so I am going to ride for about 2 hours because of other commitments, but I think I will start programming longer rides with him for the weekends (he has completed a bunch of Iron and half Iron races), so I hope I can hang with him and not slow him down too much! Well, gotta finish up my work for today so I can enjoy my weekend! Hope everyone has a great and fun weekend training and racing!

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Ken said...

Hoo-ray - Airborne.