Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weekend Update and a look ahead

Well, this last weekend was fun, I actually ate some ice cream (and then remembered why I don't anymore!) saw a really bad movie (WARNING: Don't go see "Your Highness" unless you want to: a) kiss 14 bucks goodbye, b) not laugh. Once. Or at all., or c) sit with a bunch of lit up kids laughing at anything/everything) Just sad what is passed off as a movie these days...

Well got out on the roads this weekend, to include a nice ride from one side of Fort Bragg to the house, a nice 27 mile jaunt. But I really amped up my bike this week, but ignored the run and swim, so gotta get back in balance this week!

But last week, I just about made 100 miles total, even with 6 "red marks" on the wall (my "Red marks" are workouts that I planned but didn't execute, either at all or the full workout), so that was a lot of missed opportunities, and thru today, I have one already (missed my swim on Monday night). Not a good start. But just have to get re-centered since i am not racing until 30 April now (Riverwood Sprint in Clayton, NC), so gotta get back in the saddle.

The plus side of concentrating on the bike this last week was that I got FAST on the bike. My climbing is getting back to where it was, and I am really hammering the flats too. Maybe I need to find some bike races this summer, since I am doing 5k / 10k / half marys, open water swims, and triathlons, might as well get the hat trick by bike racing. I have always loved that.

Well, here is what the week ahead looks like:

Tuesday - 6 mile run
Wednesday - 6 mile run
Thursday - 6 mile run; 1500 yards swim
Friday - 20 mile bike; 6 mile run; 1500 yard swim (god, that will be a LONG day)
Saturday - 10 mile run; 12 mile bike
Sunday - 6 mile run; 18 mile bike

That will take me over 100 miles this week, so that will be a busy time for me, perhaps I need to start training with a group or something. Hmmmm.

Well, only 6 more weeks to my first half marathon, and right now the goal is to finish in under 2 hours. I am sure that I can do that, but I just want to have a good goal out there, since I have never run a half before. And next week, I will start publishing my mileage, so you can compare my planned / actual distances.

Later all!

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