Sunday, December 18, 2011

Back in the Pool!

Well I finally got back in the pool this week, and it has been good!  The pool on post here is a nice 50 yard pool, which is WAAAAY more fun than those 25 yard pools, and it helps that the pool is really empty, which means lanes are open.  So if you are on Fort Riley, shhh!  Don't tell, I like having the pool to myself!

So I got in about 1 3/4 miles this week in the pool and felt good!  The first swim was brutal and drained me completely, but the second time, felt good and went for about a mile.  Good stuff!  Planning on 3 a week swim sessions the next few weeks, since I am on Christmas break now.

Another thing I have been thinking about is getting a coach while I am deployed to try to help get me ready for the 2013 season (2012 racing season is out because of deployment), but I am already looking forward towards races in 2013 and I will post a tentative schedule this week on those races.

Well back to watching some football and I'm just happy I have all my Christmas shopping done!  Do you?

Take care everyone!

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