Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Month, Same Difference

Well November wasn't too bad of a training month, minus the sore hammy and all, but just fell short of the Challenge Cairns for the month with 28 of 36, so I have a delta of 8 workouts to make up by the end of December. That might be hard to do given the holidays, but I will certainly try.

Well major milestones were achieved last month, with me cracking both 500 miles in running and 2000 miles biking (not in a month, because that would be, like a record or something). But both of those were unwritten goals to achieve and will be quite hard to replicate next year with a deployment for the majority of the year, but i think 2012 will be a good "base" year, with 2013 being a good year to debut in both the HIM and Ironman distances, but I will be in that magic 40-44 AG, so things will only get harder from here on out!

But the only bad part about winter training is the lack of getting outside and riding and running, so GOSH, I might have to break down and hit the pool a few times before the end of the year! THAT ought to be fun, huh?

Well, I'd better get back to work, hope everyone has a great December!

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