Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mark it zero, dude!

Who really pulls a muscle bowling, let alone a hamstring? This guy! No, not the guy in the picture, me, last night, bowling. Good god! At least I beat my wife two out of three games (side note, she usually kicks my ass. Badly.) so all is not bad. For a guy whose only real goal is to break 100 each game, I did well. Almost bowled a turkey (three strikes in a row) to win a turkey too. That would have given me two turkeys won in a week (won the one turkey at the Turkey Trot Saturday)

So because I did "cross training" with a bowling ball, I didn't get to pull off my brick this morning with a run to PT, then to the gym and bike for 45 minutes, so might be behind the 8 ball in the Challenge Cairns (CC).

So guess I better heal up and HTFU and get a double in on Thanksgiving! Happy Turkey Day to everyone, now, go out and run! Gotta make room for dessert!

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