Monday, December 16, 2013

First Thing Monday Morning - 16 December

Well, finally got out and ran yesterday!  Coincidentally, it was 57* and sunny, so guess that means I am a wimp!  But the rest of this week should be warm until Friday, so that is a good thing I'd say!

And I also just started the Slowtwitch 100 runs in 100 days challenge.  Basically you try to run 100 times over 100 days (sounds simple enough, or run 100 times in one day and get it over with!).  The main "rule" is that for the run to count, it has to be 30 minutes or more in length, which for me is at least 4 miles.  Oh well, guess it is as good a time as any to get back on the "wagon".  So with that and the Strava 33 miles in 10 days (starts 22 December until the 31st), I'll be busy making sure I get my running miles in, warm or cold weather (time to stop being a little wimp about it), and get them knocked out.

Let's look back on last week's training:

SWIM: 5800 yards (out of 8000) - Not too bad, my skin is starting to reek of chlorine no matter how hard I wash off, oh well.
BIKE: 15 miles - Man, riding on the trainer just kills me, no matter what I watch, still bores me to death.
RUN: 4.1 miles - Gotta ease into it, but these 4 mile runs will add up quickly!

And, looking ahead:

SWIM: 8000 yards (looking to get at or near this, but going to swim 4 times this week)
BIKE: 60 miles (which might include an outdoor ride, so bonus!)
RUN: 30 miles (a whole lot of 4 milers with a 6 on Sunday for my long run)

Only 33 more days until my half marathon (Topeka to Auburn), so need to get my mileage back up and hope not to overdo it, just have to be smart on the run!

We'll see you all later!

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