Thursday, January 23, 2014


Yup, I'm a slacker.  Well let me rephrase, I'm a blogging slacker.  I've been busy getting ready to move to more warmer climes (namely Texas) and swimming my butt off (13 and a half miles this month!), so I get a pass on not blogging, right?  C'mon!

Well I am about a week out to my move, which means tons of paperwork, movers, and probably no exercise!  Ugggh!  I've been hitting the pool 3-4 times a week, but that is going to dry up (no pun intended), it is still arctic frigid outside (and I have HTFU a few times and run in sub 20 weather), so running has been little to none, but all that will change soon!  Texas, home of warm weather, low winds (most of the time) and good roads (I hope!).  I need to get a pedallin' here, especially with NOLA 70.3 coming up shortly.

So, at least I've been swimming and feeling good, so I'm not going to bomb this season.  In other news, it amazes me what people get paid to do.  Like this picture here, someone actually build a track like this.
Hill workout AND track workout.  Brilliant!!

This is why the runners get the inside lanes!
This is a real track in Alicante, Spain.  At first I thought is was a photoshop, but they actually built it this way.  It looks very cool, and I can see my old track coach telling me that we'd be taking the day off from hill workouts just to run on this!
Ah, well better get back to getting out of here, the clock is ticking and time waits for no man!
See you all later

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