Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Training Week 20 (May 12-18 2014)

Well, it's been a while since I reviewed my training, which I need to do weekly, since to me, talking it out can help motivate me to keep at it, so here it is:


SWIM: 0 - Pool opens soon here!
BIKE: 75 Miles - Moderate week (no "long rides") 3 rides
RUN: 29 Miles - Large week; 5 runs


BIKE: 55.3 Miles (3:04:42) 2 rides
RUN: 20.7 Miles (2:42:27) 3 runs
TOTAL : 76 Miles (5:48:09)

Year to Date:

SWIM: 13.7 Miles
BIKE: 931 Miles
RUN: 241 Miles

Not bad, but swimming will be bigger once the pool opens here (24MAY), so looking forward to getting wet again, so I can do those workouts at lunch, so actually can't wait to get some yardage / meterage in!  As far as run and bike, just need to program some longer runs / rides in and keep it up. 

And now, a totally unrelated picture for the week:

I don't mind if I do!  Thanks Putin!


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