Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Training Week 21 (May 19-25 2014)

Yup, this about describes me right now!

Well another week down, and another lost to training.  Before I reveal the numbers, let it be known my mother came to town and the wife and I played tour guide (plus Central Texas had wicked nasty storms all weekend), so I lost 4 days or so of training, but got to see my mom!  I'll take that any day!


SWIM: 0 - Pools are open now; just need no more lightning to swim!
BIKE: 30 Miles - Easy week, 1 ride
RUN: 30 Miles - Another Large week; 5 runs


SWIM: 0 (Lightning storms all weekend)
BIKE: 2 Miles (00:08:00) 1 rides (Pre-rode PT course, that's it!)
RUN: 8.3 Miles (1:02:00) 2 runs (One was a 2 mile PT Test run)
TOTAL : 10.3 Miles (1:10:00)

Year to Date:

SWIM: 13.7 Miles
BIKE: 933 Miles
RUN: 249 Miles

Well this week will be better (promise) and weather pending, first swim at Fort Hood!  Looking to ease into lunch swims right across the street from work on Mon-Wed-Friday's, so barring weather, it'll be on.

Also, re-looked my race calendar, so I hope to hit 90% of the races posted on my front page, and I'm going to hold off on my first XTERRA until July, so I'm going to give Lake Pflugerville a try (no pun intended!).

One more thing, I realized that I need to revisit some of my race reports and include a course preview and my thoughts, in addition to the existing, boring race reports I have on there.  Going to go back and revisit the Kansas one to help out my friends at Manhatten Tri Club, so folks can get the "lay of the land" on the courses I did last year, and help them out a bit, so I'll have to figure out how I want to lay those out (imbed them in the race reports, make them seperate, or what), so that is something I'll have to work on.


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