Friday, June 6, 2014

Training Week 22 (May 26 - Jun 1, 2014)

Uggh, another stinker of a week.  But things will be looking up as work calms back down, so pools are open and the roads are calling my name again!


SWIM: 4000 yards/meters/whatever (more on this later)
BIKE: 75 miles (Uh, yeah right)
RUN: 32 miles (see above)


SWIM: 1860 yards (00:38:46) 2 Swims with 910XT
BIKE: 28.4 Miles (1:38:50) 3 Rides (one Long and two "commutes")
RUN: 6.1 Miles (0:46:50)  1 run (Nice Memorial Day run)
TOTAL :  33.5 Miles (3:05:00)

Now on to the rant:  It seems that the military has an issue with standardized pool lengths (i.e. either 25 m or yds, or 50 m or yds), so the pool I am in now is a nice outdoor pool with a few lap lanes, but it is a 45m (44.8m) / 49 yd pool.  Really?!  Who the "F" does that?  So I've been counting in meters, which royally screws me up, so going to go with the tried and true yards, and just have to subtract 2 yards per length, so one lap (two lengths) will be 98yds and not 100yds.  I am so glad my Garmin can count yardage for me, it hurts my head!  Ok, rant over!

But looking ahead, going to start working on swimming 3-4 times a week (at lunch) and get back in to my ride and run, now that work is calming back down, but then I'll have to contend with a vacation, which for me means I slack a bit more, but maybe not this time around!

Also, I'm not racing the Lake Pflugerville Sprint for two reasons; 1) Too much of a layoff from real hard training and wouldn't want to waste my money on just a "blah" race with cruddy fitness (If I race, it's to win) and 2) I missed the registration period, so maybe it's a sign as well!

So, I'm going with Plan B, get back to where I was about a month ago, lean and mean and get ready for racing in July.  I think this might help prolong my fitness into the fall since the racing season here is longer than Kansas, and it'll help my peak later in the summer.  So I think Plan B might help, if not, hey, might need a coach for next year!

Alright, time to wrap up this late offering, and get back to work!


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