Monday, June 16, 2014

Training Week 24 (Jun 9-15 2014)


Well what a difference a week makes.  My bike still works, still loving the swim (so far) and my run, well could be better, but still, I'll take this week over last few weeks!  But there be a storm a' brewin' with me going on vaca shortly, so we all know working out while not home, but we'll see how this shakes out with wedding week (not mine), but I might need long runs or rides to keep my sanity!


SWIM: 4500 yards
BIKE: 75 miles
RUN: 24 miles


SWIM: 4116 yards (01:26:) 2 Swims with 910XT, nice long ones!
BIKE: 78 miles (4:58) 4 Rides, was nice to get out and ride again
RUN: 7.2 Miles (0:55:12)  2 runs, Not bad, just wimped out too much this week
TOTAL :  87.54 Miles (7:20:00)

NEXT (this) WEEK:

SWIM: 4116 yards (if it ain't broke...)
BIKE: 35 miles (one here, one in Michigan)
RUN: 21 miles (gonna squeeze a few during the road trip)

No wonder why I was so tired this week!  But I gotta pump up some run and swim numbers before I head out of town, so we shall see how this week happens, might be good, might be ugly.

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