Monday, June 9, 2014

Training Week 23 (Jun 2-8, 2014)

So I must have yawned alot this last week!  I ended up spend most of the week putting up and taking down tents in the hot sun, so most of my "training" was strength training!  Now, since I have run out of excuses, time to get busy!


SWIM: 1600 yards
BIKE: 90 miles (Uh, yeah right)
RUN: 16 miles


SWIM: 2854 yards (01:21:) 2 Swims with 910XT
BIKE: 0 miles (got rained out Sunday)
RUN: 6.1 Miles (0:48:46) 1 run (Felt good for first 3.5 miles)
TOTAL :  8.1 Miles (2:10:00)

Well time to rebuild.  I have a 5 mile road race in 4 weeks and a triathlon in 8 weeks (ish), so if I want the most bang for my bucks, I need to get my rear in gear!  And like I said, I have no more excuses (even though my lunch swim was lightning'd out)! So I'll leave you with this!

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