Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Well it has been a while since I hit the pool, and no, not because of the picture above. It has been a combination of pool schedules changed this month (and not open until 10pm, boo!) and I have been lazy. Yeah I know, not me! But I have been battling this hip thing for a while, and it is on again / off again, so I hope the pool helps, AND I have a race this weekend, the 3 Little Pigs Sprint in Smithfield, NC. So, I need to get my booty motivated and in the pool, since biking the entire time ain't gonna cut it!

So after looking at my workout log, I am almost ahead of May, and it's the middle of June! I guess I made up some training this month so far, but mainly that is from my long bike rides that I have been doing and the lack of running (hip) and swimming (lazy), so I guess it is time to HTFU and get in the pool and get ready for the middle of this tri season.

But what I am really looking forward to is my vacation! I am making my every-other year trip back to Michigan, and am going to race up there too! Plus going to run my nephews around the block a couple times and ride the Kal-Haven trail and just enjoy someplace without 1000% humidity. So that is about it for this update, I know I gotta get some new material! Maybe I'll get funny later, I haven't decided yet!

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