Monday, June 27, 2011

Well there's good news and there's bad news...

Well I FINALLY went to the doctor's to get my hip (and stiff neck) checked out after, oh say, a month and a half (I know, I know, older I get the slower I heal, I'm not Wolverine afterall!) and after a bunch of poking and prodding, and 10 or so X Rays (I guess I got the bulk discount), I am on a running profile until this Thursday when I get a reevaluation. Awesome (note the sarcasim). Well at least I talked her into letting me ride and swim (with pull buoy) and I got a nice scrip for Naproxen (love it!)

I never missed not running until I was told I CAN'T run, now I am stir-crazy to go running. Case in point: this weekend was the monthly Ft Bragg Family 5k run/walk and I HAD to walk it. It was a fun walk, but I would much rather ran it, but I was a good patient and followed doctor's orders. So relaxed a bit on Saturday, and planned an epic bike ride for when I get back from vacation around the ranges and drop zones of Bragg (60 miles of open roads!). I capped it with a nice 13 mile ride on Sunday morning, and now just getting ready for the work week.

Oh almost forgot, got to do a water jump (for the non-airborne speakers among us, I purposely jumped from an aircraft while in flight with a parachute into a lake) on Thursday. I'll get a few pictures posted, since it was a fun time, and also zero impact on the joints, so all in all, a perfect jump!

But next week is going to be busy with packing, getting new tires for the wife's truck, anniversary (!!), wife's birthday and race on Saturday, not to mention a long drive back to Michigan! And that is just one week! But I am stoked about racing at Gull Lake on Saturday, and I hope the lack of run / swim won't kill my buzz for this (and might have to adjust my goals for this race too!) so, just got a lot on my plate.

I promise some more pictures of the jump, so stand by!

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