Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ride like the wind!

Well this past weekend I really rode the bike alot, so I got in my saddle time, big time! I rode 20 on Friday afternoon, 42 on Saturday, 18 on Sunday, and another 20 on Monday, and out of this I learned a few things:

1) Too many fast days on the bike hurt. A lot.
2) Start your long 42 mile rides well before 6pm or you get to race the sun!
3) Always take two bottles of water / gatorade in the summer
and 4) Make sure your spokes are tightened!

Just prior to my Monday ride I noticed that three spokes on my rear tire were loose so I snugged them down and rode it. I ended up getting a spoke wrench, but I noticed that my rear wheel is out of true, so tonight I get to try truing a wheel! Fun! How did I know my wheel was out of true, you ask? Spin your tire and see it wobble (with regards to the brakes). Well mine went around and stopped on the brake. Yikes, that sucks. So I guess it is time to learn about my bike maintenance, which is a good thing.

I have always wanted to learn how to maintain my bike instead of taking it into a bike shop for every little thing, so this will be my second step in that goal. So that will be a good time tonight, and hopefully will be easy.

But on other fronts, my hip is still a bit sore, but I gotta run on it and get ready for a couple of races, 3 Little Pigs and the Gull Lake Triathlon (up in my native Michigan!). I think I am going to skip the Kure Beach Double Sprint, mainly because of the distance to get there, but also, just I want to stay healthy enough to kick butt back home!

Other good news, they finally have a Master's Swim program here at Bragg, so when I get back from vaca I am joining up and getting it on! Awesome! Where else can you get a swim coach for 20 bucks a month to help my weakest part of triathalon.

So lots of good things to look forward to, oh I almost forgot, now I am using a nutrition tracker to help me drops some pounds (mainly after the "epic weekend" from last week), so hope that it works for me, so far I have lost 6 pounds from the beginning of the month, so not too bad!

Talk at you later all!

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