Monday, February 13, 2012


It is funny about what we think we look like versus what others think we look like.  Take the following pictures for example:
 What I think I look like at work
What others think I look like at work

But in the end, what are you going to do?  I'm just going to go with picture one, thank you!  But the last few weeks have been busy, at least since the start of February, where I basically have run every third day (but still kept up with good mileage!), but I have to get regular (no, not that type of regular)!

Which is why I am starting a challenge to myself (and anyone who wants to join in too!) to run a half marathon each month.  It doesn't have to be a race, just 13.1 miles or more at any one time.  That should keep things interesting!  So I have my first one in the bag, this month is going to be interesting, with going on vacation, the sub-zero temps and the occasional snow/sleet/fog/ice, but I think I can fit it in somewhere.  I'll keep y'all posted.

Speaking of posted, forgot to post last month's stats, so guess I can shoe-horn them into this post here, since I am mainly scatterbrained about my posts anyway!

Swim - 0 yards; oh the humanity of it all, a goose egg!  I need to hit the pool before I can't swim for a year!

Bike - 43 miles (all indoor); now you want to talk about boring, riding a bike indoors is about the tops of that list.  it's a shame you can't take your brain out and put it on a shelf for an hour or two.

Run - 88 miles; almost broke the 100 mile month barrier, but a few things put the kibosh on that, but I am still over my goal of 50 a month (set the bar low and exceed it!)

Exercise (Situps and Pushups) - 55 minutes; uhhhh, ummm the sun was in my eyes, dog ate my homework, uhh, I suck!  Need to get going on this a bit more, cuz this is just sad!

So as you can see, not the best of months, nor the worse, so just middle of the road.  Guess I need to change my perception of me working out, huh?  Guess I'd better get to work then!

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Ken Matthews said...

Very funny. I definitely see you as pic 1. lol. You have a lot on your plate so we (everyone not named Andrew) will give you a pass. I will take your challenge of a half per month. Have a good vacation.