Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Race Schedule

Well, I know I published my sidebar schedule a while back, but here is the expanded, up to date schedule for 2012 (subject to change without further notice, void where prohibited):
As I stated last post, I am pulling the trigger on a half-marathon, so on 21 January, I will participate in the 30th Topeka to Auburn Half-Marathon in Topeka, KS.  This is an interesting one as it is a point-to-point race starting in Topeka and ending, yup, you guessed it, Auburn.  I really like the 11am start time, and I quote from their website "to better take advantage of the warmest part of the day".  That is because it is averaging about 25 degrees in mid-to-late January, so yeah, warmest part of the day!  But again, I'm going to PR this bad boy (moot point, I know since it's my first, but eh, who cares!)

Next up is the Spring Fling Criterium Series from 25 of February until 24th of March on every Saturday in Lawrence, KS.  I am not sure if this will actually happen, as nothing has been published, but I'd like to do a few, despite the long drive to get there.  I'd like to see how I stack up against my roadie brethern as I've only done a few crits, and those were back a few years.  If you've never seen a crit, it is like European F1 car racing but on bikes.  This is WAY too much fun!  Even though I crashed (or was crashed in my case) in my second crit, I still love these to death.  And a great way to check your fitness level or hack out a lung!

Another race that isn't published yet is the Fancy Creek Trail Race, a nice 5 mile trail race near Manhattan, KS.  I am branching out in the races I am doing, and given the short race season I have, I am in the "not too choosy" section, and this one fit.  I just hope it goes off, since it sounds like fun and it's close to home.

This one I know is on like donkey kong, it's the St Patty's Day 10K in Manhattan, KS on the 19th of March, where you run from Aggieville, thru the K-State campus and back again.  This will be another fun one, especially since it's a 10K, and I'm looking to drop my 10K PR a bit this year before I head out.

And this is probably the last race before I deploy, the God's Country Off-Road Duathlon, held in Lawrence, KS on the 25th of March.  I have never done a "Du" and an off road on sounds fun, except I have a 3 ton mountain bike, so that might slow me down a bit.  But in the past, the format was a 2 mile trail run and an 11 mile MTB ride.  Sounds like bike fun!

So that is my entire season, three whopping months!  Of course I would have a lot more races (sometimes up to three a month) but not this year.  I am planning on doing whatever races they have in Afghanistan and running the Army Ten Miler-satellite race, so that will be fun in October!

So if anyone has any races that I missed and think I should try before I leave in April, let me know and I might just show up on race day!

Take care all!

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