Thursday, January 19, 2012

TPS Reports and other things

So who else's job feels like mine?  Just checking!  It's been a rough week here, but oh well, what ya gonna do?  Go run! Yea!

Well this week started out awesome, with a 4 day weekend and a buncha running, almost too much.  I ran 7.75 on Saturday and turned around and ran 12.1 on Sunday.  Oops!  And did I mention that it was 67 degrees on Sunday?  Double oops!  But the 12 miler was going to be a 13 miler, but my getting dizzy running up one of the steeper hills made me reconsider.  Well that, and the massive salt streaks down my face, yeah I was cooked, but almost 20 miles on a weekend isn't too bad to start off with.

Well my first half marathon is in 2 days, so I think I'll be ready.  I know I can make the run, the big question is; how fast?  Given that I have heard the course is hilly and a bit difficult, as well as the projected high temp keeps falling (started out near the mid- 50s and now in the upper 30s), I still think I can hammer out a 1:45 half.  Either that, or die trying!  I don't think the weather will hurt me, as I've been running this entire week outside (remember those 60s on the weekend?) since it has been in the 20s to 30s and windy, I seem to run better in the cold lately.

Well, hope everyone has had a good first half-month of this year, it looks promising so far!

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