Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year and 2012 goals / resolutions

Well I made it into the New Year (albeit with a nasty head cold!), but as always, the training continues!  Seems the head cold wrecked my New Year's Day run idea (that, and driving back from OKC), but I set the bar high for the year as far as longest training runs with a nice 8 mile hilly run on the 2nd.  So not too bad to start the year.

I hope that everyone had a great holiday season!  I guess I will share my New Year's Goals, in a hope to stimulate your own goals.  I have found that in writing them down, or even posting them on the Internet, makes you more likely to stick with them.  So here we go...

1)  No more chocolate candy.  This doesn't necessarily mean no more chocolate, but food items that are primarily chocolate are out.  Kinda to keep the weight down.  Yeah, this is going to suck.

2)  No more sugary sodas / drinks.  This means cokes, pepsis, red bulls, etc, again, to help keep the weight down and get rid of the "empty" calories.  Again, this is going to suck.

3)  Run at least 600 miles this year.  This isn't too much of a stretch since I ran 632 last year (2011), but with a deployment pending, I will have some lean months, but I think it is really do-able!

4)  Bike at least 2000 miles.  This one will be REALLY hard, since it will still be cold as butt when we deploy, and almost all the miles will be trainer / exercise bike, so this will be the real mental challenge.

5)  Swim at least 10 miles.  This will be hard also, since there are NO POOLS there!  So all of this will have to be done before I leave.  Yikes!  Looks like three times a week!

6)  Run a half marathon.  I have planned on the 21st of January to run the Topeka to Auburn Half, so with a little luck in timing, this will be done shortly.

7)  Do 500 sit ups a week.  This is just going to be less than 100 a night with two days off, so this can be done, it's just making it a routine and sticking with it.

I may add a few more here, but the end state is to lose some weight and get at a more manageable racing weight for the 2013 season when I get back.  With my plan for 2013, I am looking at at least two 70.3 races (Kansas and Branson) and perhaps a full 140.6 race (Louisville).  But giving these goals, this will help towards those long term goals.  I will update my goals during the year so as I complete them, I can check them off!

So get out there and write down your goals and go get after them!  Later everyone!

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Ken said...

Great goals. I am sure that you will get them done. I hope that your half goes well. Just hang in there and remember the end goal.